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Food & Nutrition

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Welcome to our Food and Nutrition pages

This is why we strive to follow the Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Pre-School Services issued by the Department of Health and Children on April 2004 and we keep up to date by following training available from the Health Service Executive.The early years of a child’s life are critically important for the formation of good life style habits, including a positive attitude towards healthy eating.

We provide for all our children

  • Food variety for a balanced nutrition
  • Healthy snacks and tooth-friendly drinks (milk and water)
  • Avoid adding salt and sugar to our food
  • We cater for specific dietary requirements due to health reasons or religious/cultural preferences
  • Use meal and snack times to give our children the opportunity to explore new food and to enjoy the social aspect of eating
  • At lunch time our main dishes are supplied by Moon and Spoon

“Moon and Spoon have achieved an excellent standard in nutrition in all their dishes. The ingredients used in their dishes are wholesome natural food free from artificial ingredients and added salt which will be reassuring for many parents” - Nuala Collins MINDI - Nutritionist